The Working Stage Theater Script Consultation
Frank Megna has been a popular lecturier at the Screenwriting Expo at the
Los Angeles Convention Center. In addition to his script consultation
services, he is available as a speaker on screenwriting.

Script Consultation

Script analysis is the starting point. Writers get lost in a sea of
misunderstood concepts and contradictory impulses. Dramatic
technique is a continuum. The more this is perceived, the better our
scripts will be for the directors and actors who will want to work on
them. Doctoring, character development and plot construction are
contingent on the dramatic premise.

To learn more about the script analysis and consultation services at
The Working Stage Theater, contact Frank Megna at (323)521-8600  
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Script Consultation

Individual Audition

Script Analysis Fee: $500. Detailed notes
and a step by step breakdown of the script.
A gameplan for improving the script.

Script Guidance Fee: $100 per 1 hour session.
Only applies to scripts previously analyzed.
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