Working Stage Theatre West Hollywood CA
Working Stage
1516 N. Gardner St.
West Hollywood, CA 90046  
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(323) 521-8600  
Home of:
a non profit organization presenting Educational
Theater, inspired by real people and real
events from History.

The Working Stage Theater started in New York in 1986, founded by Frank Megna
and Mary Tower. The premise was to establish a collective of theater artists
dedicated to organic technique and socially relevant themes. Our aim was to
create a new Group Theater.

After relocating to Los Angeles, we revived the company in 1992 and produced a
number of original works. Since 2002 the theater has been run by Diana
Ljungaeus and Frank Megna.

Frank Megna will still develop new work. Currently Megna and Ernie Hudson are
developing a one man show about heavyweight champion Jack Johnson.
Co-owner and producer: Diana Ljungaeus
Co-owner and artistic director: Frank Megna